Corporate values

Corporate values: the core of our company

ThromboGenics' people both share and are shaped by the ThromboGenics corporate culture. Our core values guide us in our development as a global, unified team, and grow the organization together.
The six core values are Accountability, Empowerment, Respect, Optimism, Thrustworthiness, Inform and Consult.


Accountability is the foundation of trust. That’s why, at ThromboGenics, we expect high standards of behavior, clear thinking, and transparency. In short, we strive to deserve and instill the trust we demand of one another.


Through proactive participation in the organization's decision-making and projects we constantly look to improve personal and colleagues’ efficacy in the workplace. By sharing information and promoting autonomy everyone at ThromboGenics is encouraged to take initiative to solve problems and improve our services and performance.


Collaborating successfully requires mutual respect. That’s why ThromboGenics’ employees consistently act in ways that both engender and display respect. Should this mutual respect have been damaged, we strive to restore the balance instantly.


Working in a fast-paced environment such as ours, has its share of challenges. Being realistically optimistic is vital to spot opportunities and reach solutions. We consistently foster a can-do attitude, turning problems into learning opportunities. This, and our will to succeed, drives us forward as a team.


In all our interactions, we strive to demonstrate our reliability, strength of character, capability, empathy and commitment. This way, we instill mutual trust, which is a precondition for good teamwork.

Inform & Consult

A healthy organization requires continuous exchange of information and transparent communication, within the company team and with external stakeholders. How we advise and inform our customers is just as important as the quality of the products we provide. Engaging in open dialog broadens our vision with multiple perspectives, and ensures our mutual alignment.