JETREA (ocriplasmin)

ThromboGenics has pioneered the drug category of pharmacological vitreolysis with JETREA® and commercialized it as the world's only approved pharmacological vitreolysis treatment for symptomatic VMA/VMT currently available.

We remain committed to assists physicians’ efforts to enhance patient awareness of the options available for treating symptomatic VMA/VMT.Jetrea packaging

New longterm clinical data (OASIS 24-month follow-up study) demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of JETREA®. The key findings of the study:

»» 41.7% of patients treated with JETREA® achieved VMA resolution at day 28 post injection compared with only 6.2% of patients given a sham injection (p<0.001);
»» the JETREA® safety profile in the study was consistent with the drug’s overall safety profile as known from the approved label. No new safety events were identified.