THR-317 (anti-PIGF)

Preclinical research with THR-317 is well-advanced and ThromboGenics intends to start the compound's clinical development around year end 2016.
THR-317 (anti-PlGF) can be positioned in two ways:

1. The molecule has a mechanism of action against hyperpermeability. By reducing the leakage of blood vessels, it can prevent inflammation in early-stage NPDR and stop the disease from progressing and generating more edema, angiogenesis and fibrosis.

2. Since THR-317 also tackles fibrosis and inflammation, it could also be administered to treat PDR patients if used in combination with anti-VEGF therapy with alternating injections.

ThromboGenics is looking at developing THR-317 as sustained release. This lowers the patient's burden because fewer treatments are necessary.