THR-687 (integrin antagonist)

DMEThe compound THR-687 (integrin antagonist) which ThromboGenics in licensed from Galapagos NV in March 2016 is a promising product which has the potential to tackle the full spectrum of signs and symptoms in DR. Similar to ocriplasmin, research shows that THR-687 can generate a PVD, preventing blood vessels to grow into the vitreous or along the surface of the retina and reducing the risk of patients developing sight-threatening PDR.

Moreover, ThromboGenics aims to demonstrate that the molecule has also the potential to reduce edema and to stop inflammation. Therefore, THR-687 could be used for early treatment of patients with NPDR with or without DME, but at the same time for PDR patients with or without DME.

ThromboGenics is currently evaluating THR-687 in preclinical research and intends to bring the product in clinical trial in 2018. We believe that the compound can potentially be developed as a very powerful product to offer a better and disease modifying treatment  for all DR patients.

Moreover, the working mechanism of THR-687 is similar to ocriplasmin through pharmacological vitreolysis. As ThromboGenics is a pioneer in this area, developing and commercializing JETREA® we can use our experience to develop a product which covers the full spectrum of DR symptoms.